Sunday, March 29, 2009

Online Learning - The Student, Blog Post #7

Would I Make a Good Online Student?

To tell you the truth, I think it’s a little late for this…. After having successfully completed most of my online classes for my LIS major, I’m going to have to conclude that I’m a good fit for this type of distance education. The information we read in this lesson and the assessments we took did confirm this conclusion, however. Some of my observations about myself as an online student are:

· I am willing to accept the fact that online courses require more work (which they do)
· I am okay with the amount and type of feedback given by instructors (although I would prefer more)
· I have adequate reading skills to keep up with online coursework.
· I am very motivated to get my work in on time.
· I am fine with figuring out instructions on my own (but really appreciate it when instructors communicate them clearly)
· I enjoy online discussions with peers and instructors
· I’m okay with not having face-to-face contact with the instructor (but really like it when we do)
· I’m a visual learner (thank goodness for that)
· I’m highly motivated
· I have plenty of social ties in my life and don’t require more through classes
· I have adequate computer skills for the coursework (this wasn’t so true when I began my classes—I’ve had a lot to learn in the process)

Virtual Schools for K-12

I homeschooled my older children for eleven years and have some thoughts on this one. I think this can be successful if there is a parent (or substitute parent) close by to oversee the process. The educational part can be extremely strong through distance education. I even have a nephew who is an assistant district attorney in California who didn’t even go to a traditional law school. It was done totally virtually! He’s very bright and professional.

My Philosophy

Virtual schools are a way for technology to enlarge the educational opportunities of students in many different arenas. I’m a 53 year old working on a master’s degree, and I know many young and intermediate children working through their own online courses. Through technology we are all receiving the instruction we need for the appropriate coursework we’re involved with. It’s really amazing to think of the opportunity this provides, not only to middle class Americans, but also to people all over the world who may not otherwise have this chance.


  1. Cinda,

    From what I have seen of your work ethic, quest for excellence, and self-motivation, YES, you are a good fit for online learning. Regarding your comment, that you'd like more feedback from instructors in your online what regards...response to work submitted, the detail of that feedback, medium in which that feedback is delivered? I just recently provided a training session for faculty on the use of Jing for the purpose of audio/visual feedback. Check it out at

    There are so many virtual schools and districts popping up. From what I have read, Florida has led the way with their Virtual School system. My children would have been successful because they were self-motivators. I do have to question along with you regarding the social development of K-12 students. Sounds like a great study!!

  2. Dr. McE., I always appreciate instructors leaving comments about assignments when they grade them. It's discouraging to work hard and then just receive a grade without any other feedback. I would be interested in hearing more about how Jing could be used for feedback.