Friday, May 1, 2009

Posting #10--My Vision

Taking ETEC 524 has made a huge difference in my education. Unfortunately, this is my last semester to be taking technology courses, and I really feel like I’ve just begun to learn what I’ve been reading and hearing about for two years. I so wish I had taken this class early in my master’s program. The thing that has made the biggest impact on me is having face-to-face sessions with a great instructor and really nice and helpful classmates. Actually working through the technology skills development sessions was an effective way to learn and work through “snags”. It was even relaxing and fun (words I haven’t often used to describe my technology classes).

As a result of this class I feel that I am ready to begin using technology in my library setting. I plan to begin a blog in which my patrons can express their views about books they read and plan to use PowerPoint more for teaching library skills on my new projector. I am excited about using Moviemaker to create virtual field trips to show in the library. I also plan to become more of a change agent at my school by teaching our teachers about many of the applications I’ve become acquainted with.

My “aha” moments came during the semester when I experienced creating wikis and blogs and PowerPoints and even an ePortfolio. I feel so accomplished to know how to communicate using Skype and keep my bookmarks organized and accessible on Delicious. I enjoyed explaining to my teenage son and husband what RSS feeds are and to my adult daughter how to create a wiki for our family camping trip over spring break.

I don’t know if I will continue my blog, at least as it is now. I don’t really know what it will be like to be through with my degree and just working. Maybe I’ll have time for it…. I do want to carry on a blog at school for the students, though.

This course has been a wonderful experience—lots of work, but lots of useful and exciting learning, as well.


  1. Wow! You have accomplished a lot this semester. I'm so proud of your keeping an open mind and trying all the new that came your way this semester. My husband and I teach an adult Bible study at our church. Class members are ages 40-60. We've created a NING social network for the class so they can view video clips and images and engaged in a blog discussion during the week based on what we've studied. Studying the Old Testament Tabernacle. This has made use of the social networking make sense.

  2. The eportfolio was the highlight for me. I too enjoyed the wiki's and blogger.
    It was a pleasure meeting you this semester Cinda!!


  3. Dr. McE, thank you for your encouraging words. You can't imagine what a stretch this whole degree program has been for me. I'm really proud of what I've accomplished, although, as you know, I'm far from accomplished!

    Your NING project sounds fasinating! Would you mind me looking at it?

    William, it was a pleasure meeting you, as well. Blessings to both of you!!