Saturday, January 24, 2009

My first post~

I've enjoyed reading other people's posts and now it's my turn! I actually had to create this for an Educational Technology class, which is nice since it prompted me to get going and do it. I'm learning to not be so hesitant to use all of these cool technology's definitely not something I'm drawn to learn naturally, though. I'd rather be spending my Saturday outside in the garden. Want to see what I'm looking at through my window right now? Let's see if I can get a photo of it and then post it here...


  1. Hi Mom! I'm your first poster!
    Try loading the photo on to the same page you posted on. I'll show you how if you want me to. You posted it in your profile. Talk to you soon!


  2. Ok, Bec, I think I have the photos where I want them. The one of Ty and me is awfully small. Can those be adjusted? I'd also like to put one of the family up.

    Thanks for the help!

  3. You can not change the size of the profile photo (that's where you have you and Ty) but you can add it to a post like you did the picture of the birds.

    I think you just need to do a new post and put a family pic in it. Or you can add several photos to one post. After you add the first one look for the smaller words that say "add additional photos" or something like that. It's looking good!

  4. Isn't it great to experience how Web 2.0 technologies bring a family together. Love it! This is one of the reasons social networking continues to grow.